The Greenhouse Collection

The greenhouse collection is here and I cannot wait to share it with you!

This collection is deeply inspired by greenhouses of my childhood. Stepping into the greenhouse there is some intention and order, rows of plants, flats with trays of seedlings, purposeful layering of textures-a fiddle behind a bird of paradise. But there is also wildness, even rebellion. The odd tomato plant coming up in a tray of zinnias, the water falling pathos taking root in the pots of lantana below, the kalanchoe sprouting on the other end of the greenhouse than it’s mother plant. As someone who has a hard time coloring inside the lines, I find this both comforting and amusing. Breaking rules, embracing the bizarre, living, breathing, moving, feeling, growing, entering the greenhouse awakens in me the excitement of freedom.

potted monstera house plant oil painting

I painted to push past boundaries.
I painted to feel rebellious.
I painted to declare that life is worth the effort.
With growth as a motivator, it becomes all about the process. The beautiful messy, sometimes painful (think pruning) process.

Each piece in this collection is so special to me and I hope that they also speak to YOU!

The Greenhouse Collection: life, wildness, growth, freedom.

greenhouse oil painting bird of paradise
jungle oil painting lush leaves artwork
jungle oil painting philodendron
prayer plant oil painting potted house plant
philodendron oil painting.jpg
philodendron painting potted houseplant